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A nsfw GAME with a twist

Panic in Ryūjin Island




Lovely Characters

Are you tired of playing games that don't satisfy your deepest desires? Look no further than Panic in Ryūjin Island, the ultimate dating simulator that will leave you breathless. With up to 15 characters to choose from, each with their own unique personality and desires. But what sets this game apart is the ability to record those special moments in the gallery. . So why wait? Join our Patreon and make possible Panic in Ryūjin Island and start exploring your deepest desires in the most satisfying way possible!

  • Use different outfits with effects on NPC
  • Give them gifts and increase relation
  • When you unlock a character during the run, you can use it on your next game. Get all of them!



Are you ready for an adventure like no other? Ryūjin Island awaits with endless possibilities for exploration, danger, and excitement. But fear not, brave adventurer! You're not alone on this journey as allies will join your quest while enemies plot against you at every turn. And let us not forget about the alluring women who inhabit this island paradise. So why wait? Dive into this first-person dungeon crawler today and experience an adventure like never before!

  • Beautiful locations
  • Monsters lurking around
  • Stunning ladies inhabiting the island



Welcome to Ryūjin Island, a land filled with danger and excitement around every corner! You'll have the opportunity to enter into various buildings such as cities, military bases, secret bunkers, and cursed dungeons. Each location offers its own unique challenges and rewards that will test your skills as an adventurer. With so much to see and do on Ryūjin Island, there's never been a better time to start exploring! So what are you waiting for?

  • Each building is a place full of rooms to visit
  • You can find enemies on rooms, also shops and allies to be recruited
  • There are special places like your home full of options to recover yourself



Experience the ultimate thrill of strategic combat with our revolutionary turn-based system! Rally your allies and engage in dynamic battles where every move counts. Your weapon choice sets the tone for the fight, determining your initial strike. Target specific body parts to cripple your enemies, gaining advantage. Utilize stances to bolster your defenses or seize unexpected opportunities to strike out of turn. Use arcane arts or deploy strategic items to turn the tide in your favor. Are you ready to command your team to victory and dominate the battlefield like never before?

  • Action point cost based Actions and Skills
  • Turbo boost attacks and combat stances
  • Targeting system and dismembering



Embark on a journey to connect with our vibrant NPCs like never before! Dive deep into their stories, forge bonds through shared experiences, and watch as your relationships blossom into powerful alliances. With the help of items and engaging story missions, unlocking hidden depths and unleashing their full potential as allies. But there's more to it than just strategic benefits – deepen your connections and unlock intimate scenes filled with passion and emotion. By understanding their preferences and catching them in the right mood, you can amplify the impact of your interactions with a multiplier bonus.

  • H Minigames
  • NPC send us messages
  • Relationship lvl unlocks H minigames and Story


& upgrade tree

As you traverse through each game, your upgrade tree evolves, accumulating the fruits of your labor and ensuring that every subsequent adventure builds upon the last. With materials at your disposal, unlock a plethora of rooms, each brimming with unique advantages to shape your current and future experiences. Whether it's essential services, specialized shops, rare items, or access to elusive NPCs, every room holds the promise of enhancing your gameplay in ways you never thought possible. But the true beauty lies in the interconnectedness of these rooms. Strategically unlocking one room can unlock new pathways to others, creating a web of possibilities that transcends individual playthroughs.

  • Use materials to unlock rooms and made them avaliables for your next game
  • Each room you unlock will provide new advantages in your next room and you will be able to access them
  • Rooms can provide services, shops, items, even access to certain npc

a look into version roadmap

If you are curious about our progress, do not hesitate to visit our trello. Or you can get an overview by looking at our Roadmap which you have right here on the right.

RC 0.1.0

  • Choice Situations Feature
  • Investigation Feature
  • Narrative Tool
  • Inventory and Object system
  • Refactor
  • Character Selector
  • Allies and Composite Characters

RC 0.2.0

  • GameLoop Integration
  • Buttons Sound Effects and Music
  • Room Date Simulator
  • Room Shop + Inventory

RC 0.3.0

  • Inventory Items / Armor / Shield / Utility
  • Basic Combat system